Summer pll finale.

My thoughts on the pll summet finale:
•why did Aria get the 8 ball that said A and why was she picked for the disappearing act?
•Ali’s alive apparently or maybe someone got her again after Ms. Grunwald.
•I wanted Maya to be alive! Lol
•what’s up with Mona, Shana, Jenna, Melissa and Wren?
•Mona crochets so is part of the A team
•How did Cece survive that fall and where did she go?
•Is Ezra really part of the A team? I I don’t want another Toby. Boring.
•What did Hanna take.from the lair and why?
•Did Cece really kill Wilden?
•Who tried killing ali?
•If she’s not dead, who’s body was in the grave?
•Did Cece kill Toby’s mom?